Course completion

Course completion shows if a course has been completed. It can show the progress a user is making towards finishing the course according to specific criteria. The criteria can include meeting an activity's grade level or a manual checking "complete" by either the user and/or teacher. The report can also show if the user has completed another course(s) that is marked as a "completion dependent" course.

Enabling course completion

Course completion for a course can be enabled by setting 'Enable completion tracking' to Yes in the Edit settings screen for the course. This also enables the use of Activity completion. Click on the Course Actions button image and the Course completion menu item will now be available. Clicking there will display three tabs:

See Course completion.

See Default activity completion.

See Bulk edit activity completion.

Course completion settings


Choose here how you wish to mark the course complete -whether you want Any or All of the requirements that follow to count towards completion.

Condition: Activity completion

Tick the boxes of the activities you wish to count towards completion of the course. (You need to have Activity completion enabled to be able to do this. You can decide whether ALL of the activities must be completed or ANY one of them.

Condition: Completion of other courses

This setting allows you to make "the completion of another course" as a condition for completing the course you are currently working in. This does not block the user from your current course; it simply means that the current course will not be marked complete until the first course has been marked complete. Thus, completion of the current course is dependent upon completion of an earlier course. Just select one or more courses in the "Courses available box".


To remove a course from the list if it is not required, press CTRL+click on the highlighted course and it will be deselected.

Condition: Date

If you tick the Enable box you can then set a date after which the course will be declared complete.

Condition: Enrolment duration

If you tick the Enable box you can then choose a number of days after enrolment upon which the course will be marked complete.

Condition: Unenrolment

If you tick "Enable" here then the course will be marked complete once the user is unenrolled.

Condition: Course grade

If you tick the Enable box, you can set a passing grade for the course. Please note that course grade in Completion status is looking at total of points (rawgrade) rather than a percentage.

Condition: Manual self-completion

If this is enabled then a user can mark the course complete themselves from the Self completion block.

Condition: Manual completion by others

Users with selected roles may mark the course as complete if their role is ticked here.

ALL means that each role must mark the course complete before; ANY means that it will be classed as complete once one role has marked it complete.

Ways of using course completion

Please note that the course completion status of learners is updated in 2 different ways:

If an activity or criteria is marked complete manually, e.g. by a teacher or manager, the status is updated immediately. If an activity or criteria is met automatically, e.g. passing/completing a quiz, then the status is updated the next time Moodle's Cron runs. Course completion can be used in many ways. It is important to remember that this feature is only a reporting feature.

While course completion will not lock a user out of another course, it will allow a teacher to see if a user has completed the recommended prerequisite courses.

It can also work with Activity completion to show users the activities they have completed. This can be via a check mark next to the activity on the course's home page, or by looking at the Course completion status block.

It is a way to ensure that the teaching team's members sign off that a user has completed the course. For example, Teacher B is the instructor for Course2, which has a recommended prerequisite for completing Course1. Teacher B, is the non-editing teacher in Course1 and must check the box that indicates the user has completed the course.

Manual completions

Depending upon the settings, course completion can require that an activity or the entire course be manually marked as complete. The settings will allow any number of combinations. For example, an activity might require the user to receive a minimum score and have the non-editing teacher manually check complete. Or merely require the user to check an activity or the course as complete.

Manual marking by user

A course completion setting may require the user to confirm they have completed the course. Users do this by using the Self completion block.

A course completion setting may require a user to manually mark an activity when they believe they have finished it. On the course homepage, the user may see a box to check as a self completion of the activity.

Manual marking by teacher

In order for a teacher (or non editing teacher, manager or other role) to mark a course as complete, the appropriate box in the Manual Completion by.. section must be checked in the completion tracking settings.

The teacher then accesses the Course completion status block and checks the names of the users who are deemed to have completed the course.

Course completion based on specified criteria It is possible to have a course marked as complete dependent on a combination of specified criteria such as activities completed, grade achieved or length of time spent in the course. This is decided in the overall criteria type aggregation.

The settings for automatic course completion are described in more detail in Course completion settings and these include:

  • activities completed
  • date
  • duration after enrolment
  • grade
  • unenrolment

Course completion report

Course completion info can be viewed by managers, teachers and non-editing teachers.