Add users

Users may be added to a Moodle site in a number of ways. When user accounts are created on a site, the process is called Authentication and when users join a course, the process is called Enrolment.

Users sign up to the site themselves

If you wish people to create their own accounts on your site, you must enable Email-based self-registration. This features is disabled by default because of the possibility of spammers accessing your site.

The admin creates accounts manually

This process is called Manual authentication and is enabled by default on a site. You can lock certain fields, set password expiry dates and other configure other settings from Setup > Authentication > Manual accounts.

As an administrator, you can add users one at a time from Setup > Manage users > Add a new user button at the top of the page. You can also upload users in batches with a CSV file from Setup > Manage users > Upload users button at the top of the page.


The CSV file will also upload users directly into courses and groups within those courses. In the example below, new users are added to the site and enrolled in specified groups in two courses, English and Mathematics. (The courses need to exist already, but if the groups do not already exist, Learnsby will create them on upload.)

Users may also be added as members of cohorts (site or category wide batches of users.) See Cohorts for more details.

Adding users from other systems

It is possible for users to connect to Moodle via single sign on from other systems. The settings for these may be found in Setup > Authentication > Manage authentication. See Authentication